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Welcome to my home of everything Airsoft Sniper related, whether it’s reviews of the latest gear, upgrade guides on Airsoft Sniper Rifles or sharing my airsoft adventures! Please check out the rest of the SniperMechanics site, you’ll find blog posts, guides, tips, tricks, videos and even my own SniperMechanics Products,
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Latest Blog Posts

New video on the Novritsch SSG24: Unboxing and initial thoughts/review

So….I went and done it, I  bought myself an SSG24 by Novritsch. Yes, that’s right, I paid for it out my own money, no freebies, no affiliate schemes, legitimately paid for. With that said, I’ll be doing some content on the SSG24 platform, entirely honest and unbiased, both good and bad, pretty and ugly. The …

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Silverback SRS Upgrades Video: Now on YouTube

Just a quick update to let you all know that I’ve uploaded a new Silverback SRS Upgrades video to YouTube: Link to the SRS W.A.S.P information is https://www.snipermechanics.com/srs-w-a-s-p-kit/ Link to upgrade parts for the SRS are https://www.skirmshop.co.uk/sniper-rifle-parts/srs/ Link to upgrades/beginners guide https://www.snipermechanics.com/silverback-srs-the-snipermechanics-guide-ongoingevolving-d23/

W.A.S.P VSR Prototype Testing Results

I just wanted to share some of my early test results on the VSR W.A.S.P. This is the prototype test results before some of the final production model changes, so not all results are complete and my other file is corrupted (thank you windows). Hopefully this will help give an idea on what springs might …

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KC02 Build: RogueWorx, TNT Studios, FG Airsoft

Introduction: So recently I picked up a few KC02 rifles of one of the forums, having used them before and seen a few in the field, I opted to get them as they were such a good price and came with some minor upgrades etc.   Out of the 3 KC02 rifles, one of them …

KC02 Build: RogueWorx, TNT Studios, FG Airsoft Read More »

Hadron Airsoft Designs: Modular TDC Review

Hadron Airsoft Designs Introduction: Once again, we’re here again with another awesome product from Hadron Airsoft Designs! If the original Hadron Airsoft Designs MK23 TDC wasn’t good enough, we were blessed with the limited edition twin screw and now…..we have what could be the perfect Mk23 TDC system. What is it you ask? It’s the …

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Redline N7 Milsim Review

Introduction: Firstly let me start by saying that the Redline N7 Milsim kit, regulator, airstock, bottle and kydex cover were all kindly provided by the guys over at https://www.redlineairsoft.com/. We got talking about projects etc and my interest in building a HPA DMR and they kindly offered to provide the internals and I’d source the …

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Project Updates

  • VSR/GBB Flamingo Buckings
    En Route from Factory
  • SSG24 W.A.S.P
    First samples tested, minors revisions, ahead of 2nd samples
  • Striker W.A.S.P
    First samples received, minor revisions needed
  • SRS Flamingo Bucking
    Awaiting final injection moulded samples before release
  • VSR Cylinder Head
    First samples received, with testers