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Welcome to my home of everything Airsoft Sniper related, whether it’s reviews of the latest gear, upgrade guides on Airsoft Sniper Rifles or sharing my airsoft adventures! Please check out the rest of the SniperMechanics site, you’ll find blog posts, guides, tips, tricks, videos and even my own SniperMechanics Products,
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Protected: SRS Paintjob: HawkSye Crafting Corner

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De Lisle VSR10: Build with AR Custom Stocks

De Lisle VSR10 Introduction: The De Lisle VSR10 is a project I’ve wanted to do for a long long time, but I myself………suck at any kind of wood work. Luckily I had the absolute pleasure of talking to and getting to know the guys over at AR Custom Stocks. After a few conversations and exchanging …

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Amoeba Striker AS03 Budget 1J Build

Amoeba Striker AS03 Introduction: The Amoeba Striker AS03 is the latest addition to the Amoeba Airsoft range of rifles. The are budget/entry level rifles which can work well without having to spend a fortune on them. The Striker AS01 and Striker AS02, both being well received on release, the AS03 is no exception. While it’s …

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The Camo-Pen: Review and Test

What is Camo-Pen? Camo-Pen is an idea and design made by Chris and Grzegorz, these guys are the brains behind the clever idea! The Camo-Pen is basically (albeit cleverly) a sponge tipped Acrylic Paint Pen, the idea being it’s easy, quick and offers great versatility when it comes to painting  your gear. Heading over to …

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Leaf Suits: What are the options?

Leaf Suits: Where to start? So, you’ve watched all the YouTubers, you’ve been hit in the face from nowhere, had a bush shout at you for not taking your hits and stood on another player……Now you’re thinking that you want to give leaf suit a go. There are many options for leaf suits, some higher …

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What Ghillie Hood To Buy?

Ghillie Hood – What to use and why So you’re thinking of using getting yourself a Ghillie Hood? Not a bad choice at all! I’m a big fan of Ghillie hoods, they are lightweight, easy to pack away in a pouch and can be very effective without affecting your mobility. While I own and run …

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Project Updates

  • VSR/GBB Flamingo Buckings
    Released, awaiting batch 2
  • SSG24 W.A.S.P
    First samples tested, minors revisions, ahead of 2nd samples
  • Striker W.A.S.P
    First samples received, minor revisions needed
  • SRS Flamingo Bucking
    Final injection moulded samples received and being tested
  • VSR Cylinder Head
    First samples received, with testers
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