Raffia: Raffia is the base ingredient for pretty much any kind of ghillie suit, it creates depth, adds tones and generally helps break up the shape of the ghillie. One of the greatest benefits of Raffia is that it’s cheap, very cheap, it’s also available from a huge variety of places so easy to get …

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Hadron Airsoft Designs: Modular TDC Review

Hadron Airsoft Designs Introduction: Once again, we’re here again with another awesome product from Hadron Airsoft Designs! If the original Hadron Airsoft Designs MK23 TDC wasn’t good enough, we were blessed with the limited edition twin screw and now…..we have what could be the perfect Mk23 TDC system. What is it you ask? It’s the …

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Redline N7 Milsim Review

Introduction: Firstly let me start by saying that the Redline N7 Milsim kit, regulator, airstock, bottle and kydex cover were all kindly provided by the guys over at We got talking about projects etc and my interest in building a HPA DMR and they kindly offered to provide the internals and I’d source the …

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Hadron Airsoft Designs: Glock TDC

Hadron Airsoft Designs TDC Introduction: So….what’s this? A new Hadron Airsoft Designs TDC you say? For a Glock?!?! Absolutely! Following the outstanding success of the MK23 TDC and it’s various versions/revisions throughout the last few years, Hadron Airsoft Designs has been behind the scenes working on the same principles, but updated to suit the Glock series of …

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